To present yourself as a professional on the podium you have to master the art of reincarnation. Our instructors will give you all the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in fashion shows, reveal all the secrets of makeup, work on the camera, to help gain selfconfidence, to find the necessary resources for personal growth and success in show-business.

The models take part in:

  • Shows
  • Trade Shows
  • Presentations
  • Photography for in- and outdoor advertisment
  • Video filming for advertising in the media
  • Show-programs
  • Hostess for events and presentations
  • Press Conference
  • Business negotiations

Models receive a certificate of completion the Agency school “VIVA MODELS”, as well as the opportunity to work as a professional “Model”, “Cover Girl”.

The training program


is one of the main subjects of the model school. The main thing in fashion show, a special technique of motion on a podium or stage.

The model examines the different styles of fashion shows, model productions, the turning point, a variety of techniques movements in different clothes: evening dresses, underwear, casual clothes, learn to master your body.


пobject, which unveil the proffesion of Model and Motomodel. You will learn to pose for the camera to be natural and relaxed. You will learn about different styles of photography (advertising, art, glamor, fashion etc.), practicaly involved in each of those, will findout your most advantageous positions and angles, will choose your own style. All styles of photography model work out in practice only in front of the camera.


reveals the creative abilities of a model develops attention, imagination, teaches liberated and free to behave in front of the camera, the shows, presentations, studied acting, stage speech, mime, stage movement.

Fundamentals of image, make-up

the subject of how to properly to care of skin, hair, how to use make-up, hide flaws and to emphasize the dignity of the types of makeup and technology to application, as well as practical sessions with acquired skills.

Choreography and plastic

object, which allows to learn perfect command of his body, to be plastic and flexible to adjust the shape to be able to move in different areas of dance: classical, ballroom, modern. The teacher will give advice on a fitness program, healthy nutrition. Developed a special set of exercise, taking into concideration the features of every type of figures.

Theory of modeling business

you’ll learn what basic requirements for the model, etiquette, rules of conduct auditions and shows, working with model agencies, trends in fashion and fashion-industry. Terminology.